Welcome to Nelson Capital Real Estate Services. This website is designed to present the services provided by Nelson Capital Development, Inc. to accomplish the business goals of our clients, our investment partners, and ourselves. Our values and mission that guide the work provided by Nelson Capital are stated in this site. We work to aspire to its challenging ideals.

Nelson Capital Development, Inc. was first established in 1975 by Jeffrey L. Nelson. The organization began as and continues to be a long career that caused and aided “real estate and business development.” The term “development,” in the context of Nelson Capital has several broad applications.

As a developer and consultant, Nelson Capital’s interest has mainly focused on real estate development, community development, and business development, as well as investment and management. While these development areas seem separate, they are actually very closely alligned with each other. Nelson Capital has therefore applied its skills in a broad manner.

Nelson Capital’s staff has found considerable satisfaction from bringing a thought or idea into a competed project. Examples include working for an architectural practice, managing an Urban Renewal Project, helping businesses relocate and expand, and developing elderly housing projects in rural areas.

Please explore the information in this website, and contact us to discuss how we might serve you.

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