Consulting Services

Consulting Services are now solely offered from Nelson Capital Development, Inc. The scope of work previously offered through Nelson Capital Realty are described in the following paragraphs:

Nelson Capital Realty offered the conventional services of a broker on a commission basis (where appropriate). They also provided consulting services on a fee basis when such an option was more fitting to bring a solution to the client.

Examples included:

  • Landlord needs to receive a new tenant.
  • Tenant needs to occupy a new location.
  • Relocation of a manufacturing operation.

Services may include:

  • Negotiating terms with a Landlord or prospective tenant.
  • Zoning and planning/site review submissions and presentations to local authorities.
  • Due Diligence studies and reports.

Nelson Capital Development, Inc. seeks to serve our clients needs for a more customized service through its project management consulting services.