Project Management

Industrial and commercial businesses may not have the in-house staff expertise to manage a project involving real estate matters. In cases where some expertise may be available, directing that talent away from regular responsibilities may also not be the best option. We have experience in providing consulting services to clients. These services include managing the development of the idea, assembling the development team, and overseeing the completion of any construction.

Our services are aimed at bringing a client’s plan and ideas to a completed real estate project that serves the clients business goals. We further understand that development may bring about internal operational and cultural changes that could be disruptive to ongoing operations. Our service involves being aware of and participating in the development of a strategy aimed at managing those changes.

Services Offered

Nelson Capital provides services aimed at helping to define a Real Estate project, and the management services to bring that plan to its completion. A scope of services might include:

  • Site search and selection
  • Zoning considerations
  • Government matters
  • Construction
  • Grant Writing
  • Financing
  • Change Management